7-day challenge + Testimonials

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The painless way to shoot yourself and your clients.

If you're not ready to launch in to full video production with the Easy-Pro Video Online programme, or want to launch into production of a welcome video yet, this package is the ideal start to you creating great looking and sounding videos.

On the 7-day video challenge you get to shoot the best possible quality video with your iPhone, looking at sound, lighting, framing and much more. Then, with the video testimonial workshop you learn how to create that most powerful of business videos. Because when you say how good your business is it can come across as boasting, but when your customers say how good it is it's proof.

Buying these courses together saves you $34 compared with buying them separately

NOTE: The one time fee gives you access to both training courses for a full year.

7-day challenge + Testimonials includes these courses

7-Day Video Challenge
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Easy-Pro Video Testimonials
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