Learn to make high quality videos

With your smartphone or tablet

Neil Ben

Easy-Pro Video Online

Learn how to produce videos on your iPhone or iPad. Plan, script and shoot your vlogs and expert videos. Learn how to edit your videos and upload them to YouTube.

Neil Ben

Easy-Pro Video Testimonials

With phone in your pocket capable of shooting high quality footage, you should be using it to capture video testimonials for your business.

Neil Ben

Easy-Pro Welcome Video

Shoot your own Welcome Video for your website using our proven script templates, and then have it professionally edited for you, with your name, logo and call to action.


The web video bundle

Easy-Pro Video Testimonails, Welcome Video and the Online Course


7-day challenge + Testimonials

The painless way to shoot yourself and your clients.

Neil Ben

Easy-Pro Video Workshop

The live workshop captured so you can enjoy it in the privacy of your own home